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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Storytelling Service is Live this Month – and My Stories are in it!

Exciting news! 

^^ the visual representation of me seat dancing.!! << psst, pick purple>>

I am beyond thrilled to finally share this with you guys!! (what, 4 exclamation points in a single paragraph? Yep, I'm that worked up!!) I was notified and actually started crying in line at the grocery store.

All Chaos Press has released a formal announcement identifying the start date of Wenebojo and the technology company that will be working with them to bring the Storytelling to everyone. The company that was chosen to be this integral collaborator is IBM. Wenebojo is a story-based streaming service where you can more fully immerse yourself in your favorite genres, from romance to sci-fi. You can read more about the entire project HERE.

Wenebojo has opened for sales, both advanced ones and something called the Pathfinder group. Pathfinders will enjoy earlier access to all future releases and a variety of other perks. Since Wenebojo is all about the stories, they are setting up this group to provide early feedback and input for story development and selection. <<did I mention pick purple??>>

Pathfinder access will be available Feb 15th. Regular subscribers will gain access in March this year. I really hope that some of you will be in the Pathfinders! It is a great way to help my stories connect with more people! If you decide to sign up, please select GroupPurple for your account. This benefits the authors of the stories, and we would all
appreciate the extra acknowledgment.

I wanted to update you all on the progress for and am thrilled that we are moving forward. Feel free to spread the post and the news! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

P.S. I would appreciate it if when you sign up if you would pick Group Purple. It will give you a discount and let me know you love me (you really love me!!) (oh, good grief, Summer, enough with the exclamation points. They get it.)


Keep an eye out for your favorite stories to be brought alive.

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