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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What is art?

one of the best feelings I've had as a writer is when my readers reach out and tell me i've made them happy. That getting caught in a sweet love story with just a little bit of heat is a recharge for their souls.

That is better than 5 star reviews or 100s of sales (although i wouldn't turn either down!) But after a bad day at work, or disappointing news, or a fill in the blank reason - they reached for one of my books and it made them happier.

I know so many amazing artists and I just think of myself as a teller of stories. not to belittle myself. telling stories is a crafted gift but i'm not sure mine rises to the level of art. It's something i'm still working on accepting.

What i am starting to realize, though, in our world of 24 hour bad news that maybe making the world a little happier one book at a time is a gift. Maybe the world needs the story tellers to allow them to dream when the real world piles crap up to their ears.

Dream my friends and if you find me there, sit down and enjoy this story i've been working on.

Seasons of Love